Philip Shields Web and Interactive Graphic Designer.

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Philip Shields at a lake.

This photo was taken when I was camping in Northern Minnesota.

Welcome to my website, I am Philip Shields and I thank you for visiting my site.

I am a graphic designer for the web and I am also an interactive designer. Currently I am going to school at Hennepin Technical College and have just finished my second semester. To view some of my projects you can go to Multimedia or you can view my Images to view the images I took or made. If you would like to contact me just view the About Me page and go down to the contact form.

Everything on this site was created by me in College or as a side project, in fact this very site is project for my XHTML class. I hope you enjoy your stay at my site and find my projects interesting. I will be adding/removing pages or adding content as I make it or if I come up with a new idea I may modify it so keep coming back. If there is anything wrong with this site please let me know so I can fix it.